COVID-19 Stay Healthy Update

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 You should rest assured knowing that we are working very hard to make sure that all of your packages continue to receive the tender love and care that they deserve. Given the new circumstances, however, we have been forced to rethink our policies and procedures. For the past few weeks, in response to COVID-19 we have been implementing extreme hygiene standards in an effort to keep our team and everything in our warehouse safe and clean. You can feel confident knowing that we have implemented a number of new procedures including sanitizing all packing stations and products before they get picked, packed and shipped off to you. We have up until now been able to keep up with the extra workload but the added necessary procedures have meant that there is a slow down in our efficiency, unfortunately. For that reason, please be patient with us while we work through your important orders. We will continue to be transparent and communicate as we keep an eye on the situation as it develops but in the meantime, the advice seems to be, stay home, keep your immunity high and keep those hands clean. Important to remember that while everyone is concerned about the mortality rate of the virus – which is calculated by the number of people who have died divided by the number who have tested positive – the denominator (number of people infected) is very hard to know because so few people have been tested. It may well be that 10x more people are infected but did not develop symptoms, or had symptoms that they weren’t concerned enough about to bother trying to convince someone to test them. I’m sure we will find out soon as large scale testing starts to come reliably online. 

Wishing you the Best,Shawn Livingston


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