ACDC is a CBD-dominant marijuana strain made from a phenotype of Cannatonic. This strain produces little to no intoxicating effects. Medical marijuana patients choose ACDC to help treat various ailments like pain, anxiety, epilepsy and the negative effects of chemotherapy.

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Buy ACDC Marijuana Strain Online. Just as comforting and revitalizing as listening to some of your favorite tunes, the ACDC strain will also have you revitalized and ready to rock. It has a super high CBD level, and has been voted as one of the top high-CBD strain for medicinal use. ACDC strain can help with all sorts of things from nerve pain and MS, to epilepsy and PTSD. All with nearly no psychoactive effect.

Although plenty of marijuana strains are designed to get you high, have some good laughs, and ‘adjust’ your brain chemistry to the point where you don’t take life so seriously, there exists a realm of medicinal pot wherein the sole purpose is to heal the body and mind – with no psychoactive effects involved.

These cannabis types are a reasonably new creation, as they only started gaining traction once people realized that high levels of CBD strain can produce profound therapeutic results, with virtually no high. In fact, many people in recent years have been requesting breeders to develop strains with a high percentage of CBD strain, for these exact reasons.

Among these new, CBD-heavy strains is the now-famous ACDC flower, which has attracted interested from literally all walks of life – and all age groups. The beauty of strains like ACDC is that they are showing the world you can appreciate the medicinal effects of marijuana, without having to get utterly stoned.

In many ways, this increase in CBD-rich flower has caused the public to take the marijuana world a little more seriously, showing that our beloved green grass does indeed possess a host of multi-dimensional uses.

In this complete ACDC cannabis strain review, we go over everything you need to know about one of the most popular high-CBD flowers available today – including what its effects feel like, how to grow it, and where you can buy it. Enjoy, and stay healthy!

If you’ve ever heard of the cannabis strain Cannatonic, you’ll know that this was one of the initial CBD-prominent strains that was bred specifically to assist individuals suffering from serious medical conditions.

If you are wondering why we are discussing Cannatonic and not the strain at hand, though, you might be surprised to learn that ACDC strain is actually just a sativa-dominant phenotype of Cannatonic (although it actually contains an even lower percentage of THC, making it one of the least psychoactive and most medicinal strains available to the public).

ACDC strain has a THC-to-CBD ratio of approximately 1:20, which means that, if a sample of the marijuana was sent into a lab for testing, results should come back with about a 16-24% CBD content and a mere 0.5-1.2% THC content.

If you want to smoke weed to get high, ACDC is most certainly not the strain you’re looking for. Rather, the sole purpose of ACDC weed is to serve as a medicinal treatment for those who want to experience the healing potential of cannabis, without the mind-altering effects.

If you are sensitive to THC but still want a little bit of the psychoactive sensation, Cannatonic may be a better option, as its THC content is typically around 6% – not nearly as low as its relative ACDC (you can at least usually acquire a mild high and light psychoactive effects with Cannatonic).

ACDC strain, on the other hand, won’t make you feel the classic “high” at all – so keep this in mind if you plan on purchasing the strain with specific “results” in mind. In fact, some dispensaries have even taken to labeling ACDC as a “THC-free” strain, as it will not impair your abilities to function throughout your day-to-day activities.

ACDC Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The aroma of the ACDC strain is a pleasant one, with prominent notes of earthy sweetness followed by subtle hints of juicy citrus. The flavor is similar to the smell, tasting a little spicy with an overall natural-like sweet tang.

ACDC Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

ACDC weed is a medium height plant, typically growing to about four feet at most. Its plant structure is similar to that of the traditional ‘skunk’ strains, with buds that group together in large bunches known as colas. Weed for sale.

Most would agree that ACDC weed is fairly challenging to grow, and requires plenty of maintenance for a successful yield. The plant needs immense support, starting with some sort of platform it can hang on to, in order for it to develop a strong stalk and branches.

These issues must be caught and handled quickly, otherwise the crop can decline in health quite rapidly. You will also probably need to supplement some minerals for the crop, including the magnesium and calcium levels. Shaking the strain may be a sufficient way to bring less stress to the crop as well, and could help improve the cultivation process.

ACDC can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but typically cultivates better indoors as the controlled environment can act as a preventative measure to pests and diseases. Outdoors, the climate can be either warm or mild to slightly cold for the plant to thrive successfully, but the flowering time can slightly lengthen if the weather is on the chillier side.

The usual flowering time for ACDC (both indoors and outdoors crops) is 9-10 weeks, with indoor grows yielding around 14 ounces of herb per square meter, and outdoors yielding slightly bigger at 16 ounces per plant.

Although the bud that arrives from a successful attempt can be magnificent, ACDC weed is not for beginners to try out — unless you are open to the idea of possible failure and are willing to bear the weight of that risk.

ACDC STRAIN Review: The Strain’s Effects/ Buy weed online

Originally bred by Resin Seeds, the sativa-to-indica ratio of ACDC weed is most often thought to be about 50:50, meaning it would have a really balanced and even-keeled high — if of course it had enough THC to do some real psychoactive damage. Buy weed online.

Although you won’t experience any psychoactive effects, you may feel a little more relaxed and relieved of stress after smoking or consuming ACDC marijuana, but it should never reach a point where it can actually impact your day in a negative manner. Buy ACDC Marijuana Strain Online.

Rather, frequent ACDC weed users have reported an increased ability to focus and concentrate, as well as an increase in feelings of joy, pleasure, and overall contentment.

Also, most would agree that the ACDC strain makes it possible to go about day-to-day activities, without feeling any difference in terms of drastic emotional or behavioral change. And if anything is felt, it will likely be positive. Buy ACDC Marijuana Strain Online.

And of course, ACDC cannabis should not cause you to experience any of the typical “stoner” symptoms; your reaction speed shouldn’t decrease, you shouldn’t feel any tingling throughout your body, you shouldn’t start laughing hysterically over everything, and you certainly shouldn’t end up eating everything available in your fridge.

And most of all, where ACDC marijuana truly shines is in its medicinal abilities, which are capable of making life dramatically more comfortable for people living with a host of serious ailments, which we will go further into detail about in the next section. Buy ACDC Marijuana Strain Online.


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