Jeeter – Apple Fritter 2g XL Infused Preroll – Jeeter


Apple Fritter | XL Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Sour Apple x Animal Cookies | 2g | Apple Fritter or Apple Fritters was bred by Lumpy’s Flowers and is now a staple strain for many brands.


¬†User’s report a sweet earthy vanilla aroma that contains notes of fruity apples. Flavor follows a sweet creamy vanilla, with blasts of sweet apples tucked inside. Apple Fritter is famous for making the High Times’ 2016 “World’s Strongest Strains” list, this cultivar hits hard and carries a delicious and unique flavor. Many consumers report a happy and euphoric high that leaves a tingle and relaxing stone to the body. Many users report major munchies when consuming this strain, so maybe have a snack nearby when consuming. An excellent choice for inducing appetite or dealing with stress.



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